Keeping in line with what General Knowledge stands for, this learning plan provides your child with an ability to gain knowledge about a wide range of topics about India, science, sports, life skills, music, literature etc.

Your child will get an opportunity to discover interesting facts about India, learn about our surroundings, develop critical life skills, explore the world of science, get to know about different sports and familiarise themselves with music, literature and a lot more.

Courses in the package - Self-paced Learning Modules

Discovering India

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Amazing Science

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General Knowledge Level 1 (for Class 1 and Class 2)

The General Knowledge (Level 1) learning plan provides short learning nuggets on a diverse range of topics. These nuggets may include a mix of text, visuals, audio, video or flashcards to help your child learn in a fun and engaging way. In addition to the nuggets, your child has access to various interactive online and offline activities that help reinforce their learning through different experiences. The printable worksheets (PDF) provide them with a chance to practice their learning. Quizzes provide them with the thrill of a challenge and accomplishment. As a parent, you can see your child's progress through this journey while they acquire new knowledge. All the learning nuggets, activities, worksheets and quizzes have been carefully designed to make them engaging and interesting for the relevant age group while adapting to the different learning styles.

These courses will provide kids with the right content to prepare for several GK Olympiads such as SOF IGKO, Silverzone, All India General Knowledge Exam, Eduheal Foundation IGO, Humming Bird GK Olympiad etc.

Key Features

  • 150+ General Knowledge Topics
  • 70+ PDF Worksheets
  • 70+ Activities
  • 30+ Olympiad Style Quizzes
  • Buddy Coins and Badges
  • Online & Offline Learning

General Knowledge (Level 1) Syllabus

Discovering India

This course focuses on discovering India as a country. It is designed for a typical age group of 6-8 years. It helps them to build their knowledge about the capital of the country, the Indian national flag, national symbols, popular festivals, famous Indian personalities and popular tourist places. Following topics are covered under Discovering India course.

  • About India

    • List the different names for India
    • Name the capital of India
    • Identify the different national symbols
  • Indian National Flag

    • Identify the Indian national flag
    • State the name by which the Indian national flag is known as
    • Identify the colours of the flag and the Ashoka Chakra
    • State the number of times and the occasions when the national flag is hoisted nationally during the year
    • Identify the shape of the national flag
  • National Festivals

    • List the three national festivals of India
    • State the dates on which the national festivals are celebrated
    • State the reason or significance of celebrating the national festival
  • Key Indian Festivals

    • Identify the key Indian festivals, such as Diwali, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, Gurupurab, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Raksha Bandhan
    • Describe the festival and the reason for celebrating the festival
    • Identify the festival from the pictures and festivities associated with it
  • Important Days

    • State the date on which some important days, such as Children's Day and Teachers' Day, are celebrated in India
    • State the reason for celebrating these important days
  • Famous Personalities

    • Identify the famous personalities from their pictures
    • Identify the famous Indian personalities from different fields, such as freedom struggle, politics, cinema and music, sports etc.
    • State an interesting fact or reason for the personality to be famous
  • Tourist Places

    • Identify the tourist place from the picture
    • State the city in which the tourist place is located
    • State the key highlight of the tourist place

Amazing Science

This course takes children to the beautiful world of animals, birds and plants. They also get to know about their own body and sense organs. Following topics are covered under the Amazing Science course.

  • Types of Animals

    • Distinguish between wild and domestic animals
    • Identify wild and domestic animals from pictures or unique characteristics
    • Distinguish between land and water animals
    • Identify land and water animals from pictures or unique characteristics
    • Identify animals that can live on both land and water
    • Distinguish between herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous animals
    • Identify herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous animals
  • Animals and Birds

    • Identify the animal from the sound it makes
    • Name the young ones of animals
    • Match the young ones to the correct animals
    • Name the home of some common animals
    • Match the home to the correct animal
    • Identify birds from their pictures or unique characteristics
  • The World of Plants

    • Identify the different parts of a plant and their use
    • Distinguish between the different types of plants
    • Identify vegetables from pictures or their unique characteristics
    • Identify fruits from pictures or lists
    • Identify flowers from pictures or lists
  • Our Body

    • Identify body parts from pictures or their use or location in the body
    • List the sense organs 
    • Identify the sense organs from their functions

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Course Creator

Surbhi MalhotraSurbhi Malhotra

Surbhi is highly energetic and is loved by children for her creative and fun ways to engage them. She has over 20 years of experience in learning and development sphere with a strong background in instructional design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What all topics are covered under General Knowledge? Do they cover the syllabus from GK Olympiads?

General knowledge (Level 1) contains multiple courses and topics. We have courses like Discovering India, Amazing Science, In our surroundings, Sports, Life Skills and Mixed Bag. This is in line with the syllabus for the different GK Olympiads such as SOF IGKO, Silverzone, All India General Knowledge Exam, Eduheal Foundation IGO, Humming Bird GK Olympiad etc.

2) What is the right age to enroll for General Knowledge (Level 1) program?

There is no right or wrong age for attaining knowledge. For our General Knowledge (Level 1) courses, the recommended age is between 6 to 8 years, which is typically the age of students from Class 1 or Class 2.

3) How is this program different from General Knowledge as a subject in the school?

School textbooks generally cover the point-knowledge without giving any context. Focus in school textbooks is on memorizing through rote knowledge. LearnBuddy courses focus on interesting stories, lesser-known facts and fun activities to help your child develop curiosity and develop an interest in learning.

4) How do I enroll my child for a course on LearnBuddy?

General Knowledge syllabus contains multiple courses. You can click on the "Register Now" button for a course of your choice and proceed with online payment.

5) Do you offer live online classes for General Knowledge?

At this moment, there are no live online classes for the entire syllabus. Courses contained in General knowledge bundle are self-paced. A student can go through the course material on their own or assisted by their parent. However, LearnBuddy conducts different workshops and GK Camps for different age groups with live online classes. You can contact us over WhatsApp +91-8792987937 to check about the available batches. 

6) How does a parent find out the performance of the child?

We track the student performance on the courses. Parents can check the "Grade Sheet" on a course to see how their child has performed on different assignments and quizzes.

Feedback from Earlier Participants

My 6-year old is currently doing one of the courses. I've been sitting with her to ensure that the content is good - and I must say that the content is great! Presented in a very engaging manner too. Kudos,Team LearnBuddy!

Parent of Nethra

Learnbuddy is kid friendly learning tool engaging them in positive screen time. The quizzes have interactive questionnaire which make the learning fun. The course content was easy to follow for my 7 year old with little help. It is a great add on to school learning.

Vandana Gowri

Hats off to team Learnbuddy for such simple yet one of the most engaging app! This is not a usual gaming app through which a kid can be occupied in the name of learning rather it inspires to read through before one could take up quirky quizzes and some out of the box puzzles. My kid has become regular user of this app and now I don't need to introduce him to GK, he is already playing it! Thanks once again and I would like to recommend it not only to the kids but to the parents too!

Fagun Bhavsar

I am amazed to see the depth of material covered in online course. Not just my daughter but I am also learning the facts about festivals, personalities and places. Learnbuddy format is much much better than the GK book that we got from school.

Parent of Nandini

Courses in General Knowledge (Level 1) Syllabus

Course Image Discovering India - Level 1

Discovering India - Level 1

(Age: 6-8 years) This course helps children build their knowledge about the capital of India, the Indian national flag, national symbols, festivals, famous personalities from different fields and popular tourist places of India. || Rs 325+GST
Course Image Amazing Science - Level 1

Amazing Science - Level 1

(Age: 6-8 years) This course takes children to the beautiful world of animals, birds and plants. They also get to know about their own body and sense organs.  || Rs 325+GST