The world today has become so small with several people from different regions and countries getting connected so easily. The English language has gained even more prominence now as a common language that helps build a bond and have effective communication. Good English language skills help children gain confidence, speak confidently, write creatively and communicate effectively with everyone.

English Bootcamp

This English Bootcamp has been designed by a highly experienced English educator to cater to different learning styles and aptitudes. The Bootcamp includes tips and techniques to build vocabulary, improve spelling, avoid confusion with tricky words, get some grammar nuances right and overcome the common mistakes in English usage.

Let your child get an edge with this Bootcamp and help them build a strong foundation for the future ahead....and all that comes while having a lot of fun.

Key Features

  • 8 Highly Engaging Live Classes
  • 150+ Online practice worksheets to reinforce learning
  • Assignments that spark thoughts
  • Gamified online activities to have fun (while learning)
  • Quizzes for the healthy competitive spirit
  • Buddy Coins for constant motivation
  • Small batch size for interaction & personal attention
  • Guidance and constructive feedback throughout

English Bootcamp - Learning Plan

English Skill Assessment Test

This is an assessment quiz to evaluate English vocabulary, usage skills and Spell Bee readiness of kids.

Key Highlights
  • Assessment related to various English skills like Dictation, Correct Spelling, Word Application, Synonym & Antonyms, Phrasal Verbs etc.
  • One to one discussion with a learning advisor to discuss specific improvement areas.

 Live Online Classes

The live sessions are designed in a fun and engaging way. Children get ample opportunity to interact, respond, clarify and absorb the concepts. Moreover, each session is followed by an assignment that children need to submit - not a tough one but thought-provoking and ensuring retention of concepts.

Topics Covered

  • Tips and Techniques to build vocabulary
  • Tips to improve spellings and common spelling rules
  • Concept of homophones and their usage
  • Common confusing and tricky words
  • Common grammar mistakes
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Phrasal verbs and their usage

 Online Practice Worksheets and Activities

Practice makes a man perfect.' The concepts taught in the live sessions are well supported with several self-practice online worksheets that can be attempted multiple times. In addition, gamified activities for each concept brings in the fun (while learning).

Topics Covered

  • 250+ vocabulary words with their meanings and examples of usage
  • 25 online worksheets to practice Dictation (200+ words)
  • 35 online worksheets to practice correct spellings (350+ words)
  • 20 online worksheets to practice application of homophones and confusing words (200+ sentences)
  • 20 online worksheets to practice grammar concepts (200+ sentences)
  • 20 online worksheets to practice synonyms and antonyms (200+ words)
  • 20 online worksheets to practice usage of phrasal verbs (200+ words)
Student will have online access to all worksheets for 90 days.

Course Creator

Amita Malhotra

Amita Malhotra

Mrs Amita Malhotra is an esteemed English teacher with over 34 years of teaching experience. She has worked with several reputed schools and has taught English to Primary and Middle classes. She is highly regarded in the teaching fraternity and among her students for her innovative and creative ways to help improve English skills for her students. She also prepared several students for debates, declamations, poetry recitation helping them work on their vocabulary, language and public speaking.

Her passion for helping students build their vocabulary and improve their language skills was instrumental in designing this curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I attend these sessions from my mobile device?

For live classes, we recommend children to use a desktop/laptop computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

2) What is the batch size of English Bootcamp?

For group sessions, we keep a small batch size between 4-6 students.

3) What will be the medium of instruction?

All our sessions are in English unless specified.

4) If my child misses one of the sessions, will you offer a repeat session?

We recommend not to miss any session as group activities cannot be performed for individual sessions.

Feedback from Earlier Participants

She is really finding all sessions very interesting. She herself is sitting for her homework sincerely and finishing it to show it to you all otherwise for her school work I have to literally push her everytime to complete her work.

Thanks to you and your team

Parent of 9 yrs old

Course Image English Bootcamp (Level 1)

English Bootcamp (Level 1)

8 Live Online Classes  ||  150 Online Worksheets  ||  Age: 6-10 yrs  ||  Rs. 2500 +GST