Let's Enjoy Writing

Writing is a very important and complex skill. If it is developed at an early age, it can reap greater benefits in future. All activities of logical thinking, sequencing, note making etc. happen while writing. Making it appealing for the young kids helps them enjoy their writing experience. 

Some of it can be imaginative, but the idea is to build values and life skills while implementing problem solving techniques. Model reading and discussion is a key part of this writing program. 

Creative Writing

What does the program cover?

  • Diary entry
  • Picture Composition Story
  •  Letter writing
  •  Story writing
  •  Dialogue writing
  • Vocabulary building (homophones, anagrams etc)
  •  Follow up plan for additional practice

Material required:

Notebook, pen / pencil, eraser

Course Instructor

Shalini Mukund

Shalini has done her PGDTE from English and Foreign languages Hyderabad and has more than 22 years of rich teaching and training experience in different schools in Bangalore and other parts of India. She is a national award winner in CENTA TPO 2017 and has worked extensively with students by helping them in reading strategies, writing techniques and public speaking. She is also a certified counselor from Banjara Academy, Bangalore and a certified storyteller from Kathalaya storytelling institute, Bangalore. She has also published her first book-A Biography titled Inspiration Unbound.

She loves to read, write, watch sports and movies in her leisure time. She can speak English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali fluently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is this program delivered?

This program will be conducted over Zoom. 

2) How is the program structured?

The program will involve a lot of activities and discussion during the sessions. Different concepts will be introduced and ample writing experience will be provided for each of them. There will be a follow-up plan also shared with kids for the next 2-3 months. They will be provided topics for self-guided writing for these months. 

3) What is the ideal age group for this program?

This program is best suited for kids 8 years and above for improving their writing skills.

4) What will be the medium of instruction?

The medium of instruction is English.

5) Can my child attend from my mobile device?

Yes, definitely, although we recommend children to use a desktop/laptop/tablet with a high-speed Internet connection.

Feedback from Earlier Participants

Thank you doesn't adequately express my gratitude for the experience my daughter had during this creative writing workshop. This workshop made them more confident in their writing abilities, their imaginative skills and expressing the same.          


It's been a wonderful experience to enrol my son in Shalini's writing workshop. As a child who is always reluctant to write, Shalini has managed, almost magically, to draw him out of his reticence and get him to enjoy writing as a form of self expression.          

Kadambari Misra

The workshop even helped her to taste her leadership qualities. Thank you Mrs Shalini for your quality time in helping mould these little ones to grow up to be more confident people which will help them a long way in their budding stages.          

Shalini is extremely patient yet firm about spellings and punctuation. The classes are a lot of fun, yet productive, and at the end of each session, each child has their own essay to share. Shalini diligently follows up with feedback after each class.         


It's been a real joy. Look forward to more such workshops.        

Thank you so much for helping me with the motivational letter. I had many concepts and ideas I didn't know how to execute. You really helped me there a lot and the execution was perfect.         

Aarzoo Singh (student)

Course Image Creative Writing

Creative Writing

15 hours || Diary writing, picture composition, letter writing, story writing, dialogue writing 
Course Image Creative Writing Level 2

Creative Writing Level 2

18 hours || Covers Autobiography, Crime story writing, Adventure story writing, Brochure designing, Speech writing, Persuasive essay writing || Age - 11+ years