Kids and parents loved the GK Winter Camp. So, here we are with GK Quest. Interesting stories, lesser-known facts, fun games and activities ignite a child's curiosity. They also make children explore the fun side of general knowledge. GK Quest is a journey through some historical monuments, tourist places, national park, dance forms, famous Indian personalities etc. - all in a very interesting, interactive and fun way.

GK Quest

Key Features

  • 3 Highly Engaging Live Classes
  • Assignments and discussions that ignite curiosity
  • Quizzes for healthy competitive spirit
  • Buddy Coins for constant motivation
  • Small batch size for interaction & personal attention
  • Guidance and constructive feedback throughout

GK Quest - Learning Plan

3 Live Sessions

The live sessions are designed in an interesting and engaging way. Using the storytelling approach to engage children and taking them through lesser-known facts and stories makes it such an interesting way to learn. They also get subtle messages about family values. Moreover, each session is followed by an assignment that gets them even more curious.

Online Activities

Access to gamified online activities to continue learning and enhance knowledge. While children have fun doing online activities, they don't even realize that there is some learning happening through fun activities.

Course Creator

Surbhi MalhotraSurbhi Malhotra

Surbhi is highly energetic and is loved by children for her creative and fun ways to engage them. She has over 20 years of experience in learning and development sphere with a strong background in instructional design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I attend these sessions from my mobile device?

For live classes, we recommend children to use a desktop/laptop computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

2) What is the batch size of GK Quest?

For group sessions, we keep a small batch size between 4-6 students.

3) What will be the medium of instruction?

All our sessions are in English unless specified.

4) If my child misses one of the sessions, will you offer a repeat session?

We recommend not to miss any session as group activities cannot be performed for individual sessions.

Feedback from Earlier Participants

Neil just loves the sessions. He looks forward to it. He says that he wants to also join the next one that you would conduct. He is now a fan of Surbhi aunty. On the first day he was little hesitant but then his excitement was beyond bounds after the session.

Priti, Mother of Neil

Good amount of research done on the topics presented. Energetic, vibrant, well-balanced, thoroughly thought through content are the USP. Couple that with a dynamic entertainer like Surbhi, you are bound to hit gold. Very fortunate to have crossed path with Learn Buddy.

Anu Thomas, Parent of 11 yr old

The content presented as a story is very nice. Topics covered also are good.

The session was very informative and interesting. My child absolutely loved the material discussed in the class and group activities. He was more enthusiastic to complete the home work (which was a surprise considering how kids see homework given by teachers in school).

Mother of 9 yr old

Thanks a lot Surbhi..for bringing these kind of sessions to keep kids engaged. It's a pleasure to see kids gaining knowledge in a fun and interactive way!!

He is enjoying the camp, its just that he is getting to learn english communication and some things are new so it's difficult for him to catch at times. But, I sit with him and make him understand wherever he gets stuck. Also, the sessions you took were really interactive and knowledgeable and I hope he'll gain and retain good information.

Parent of 7 yr old

Course Image GK Quest

GK Quest

Age: 7 to 12 years  ||  3 Live Sessions  ||   15 days access to online activities  ||   Price: Rs. 699 + GST  || e-certificate   ||    A journey through some historical monuments, tourist places, national park, dance forms, lives of famous personalities etc. - all with interesting stories, lesser-known facts and fun activities.