Students will master the basics of Chess Moves, Attacks, Captures, Checkmates, Opening principles, General understanding of the game, develop an interest in the game, Basic Tactics and Strategies

Chess - Beginner Level

Course Highlights

  • Graded systematic Chess curriculum designed based on the learning pattern of students
  • Focusses on Reasoning, Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Pattern Recognition
  • Focusses on the individual strength of the students
  • Develop interests and passion towards the game

Course Structure

  • Introduction of Chessmen
  • Board Setup
  • Piece Movements
  • Attacks
  • Captures
  • Check
  • Checkmates
  • Advantageous Exchange
  • Two Fold Attack
  • Opening Principles
  • Castling
  • En Passant
  • Stalemate
  • Draw
  • Blunders in the Opening

Course Instructor

Praveena VijayPraveena Vijay

Praveena has more than 7 years of experience in Chess Coaching. She has won Homepreneurs award for Chess Coaching in Sports Category. She is M.Sc. (Applied Psychology) and has finished the Senior Chess Arbiters course. She has designed a graded, systematic Chess curriculum based on the learning of the student. Through her teaching, Praveena focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, concentration and pattern recognition, which is the base for Chess learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you offer one on one coaching?

Yes, we provide One on One coaching for Chess. Please contact us at +91-8792987937 to know more details.

2) What is the right age to start learning chess?

Kids can start as early as 4 years, but the recommended age for learning Chess is between 6 to 14 years.

3) Does my child need to be familiar with Chess to start this course?

No, this is a Beginners level program. Our curriculum has been designed to teach from absolute beginner level and then progress to the next level. 

4) My kid is already learning/playing Chess. Can I still enroll for this program?

Not an issue. We will recommend the batch based on our assessment of your child's skill level along with other beginners, intermediate or advanced level players. Accordingly, the child will be recommended the batch that is most appropriate.

5) What all things do I need to attend the online class?

For live classes, we recommend a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection. Please ensure that your child is attending the class in a noiseless environment with no distractions around.

6) Do I need to purchase a chessboard for learning and practice?

During the classes, we will provide access to the e-chess interface. Students can use the same interface to practice online after the classes.

7) Do you conduct classes for international students?

Yes, we do provide online sessions for international students. To accommodate the time zone difference, a different pricing structure is applicable for courses offered to international students. Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp (+91-8792987937) for more details.

Feedback from Earlier Participants

My daughter Nithika learned Chess very quick than what we expect, it's really interactive, we really liked the way training was organized , keep it up the good work.


Praveena is very adept in identifying the kid's pace and then adjusts her classes accordingly irrespective of whether it is a group class or individual class. She has an innate ability in bringing kids up to speed in a group class. Extremely patient and takes extra care to help the kids learn chess in a fun and interactive way. My son age 5 picked up chess very well and is now hooked on to playing it every day.


My daughter played the match for the first time. It was a useful experience for her. She remembered and applied, whatever mam taught her during coaching classes. She enjoys the session. Thank you.

Susheel Srikanth

Thanks for the feedback mam and we are equally excited as him that he has shown interest in chess. All this while having been into outdoor games like skating we see this as a new found interest he is liking to develop. Thanks so much for your patience with him and appreciate your wonderful classes.

Gayathri R

My daughter was very much interested in chess after attending the workshop. Chess is basically a mind game and virtual teaching of chess is good for the current situation and Praveena mam's class is very interesting and engaged throughout the session. Thanks for the workshop as we were able to know the benefits of a great indoor

Jayashree Ramachandran

Course Image Chess (Beginners Camp)

Chess (Beginners Camp)

Course : Chess Beginners Camp   ||     Time: Weekdays, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM     ||    Classes: Online Zoom Sessions     ||     Fee: Rs 2799+GST    Topics Covered: Introduction of Chessmen, Board Setup, Piece Movements, Attacks, Captures, Check, Checkmates, Advantageous Exchange
Course Image Chess (Level 1)

Chess (Level 1)

Age: 6 years +  ||  Language: English  ||  Duration: 3 months (24 Classes)  ||  Price: ₹ 7200/- +GST (Group Session)  || Contact +91-8792987937 for pricing for 1:1 or private group sessions.