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Recommended Age Group: 7-9 Years
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Practice makes a man perfect.

Be it Maths, Science or English grammar, regular practice helps make the concepts clear for your child. You can help your child attain perfection and success with free online practice worksheets from LearnBuddy. All the practice worksheets are specially designed by Learning experts and educators. There are multiple worksheets for each concept and a huge pool of questions so that your child gets ample practice for a topic. Instant and constructive feedback at the end of the practice helps your child to continuously improve. 

Key Features

English, Maths, EVS Topics 250+ Online Practice Sheets
5000+ Questions Database Earn Buddy Coins 
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Subjects Covered

EnglishFree Course

English online practice worksheets covering the following topics. 

  • Proper Nouns  - 3 Worksheets

  • Common Nouns - 3 Worksheets

  • Countable Nouns - 3 Worksheets

  • Uncountable Nouns - 3 Worksheets

  • Pronouns - 3 Worksheet

  • Adjectives - 3 Worksheets

  • Verbs - 3 Worksheets

  • Simple Present Tense (Verbs) - 3 Worksheets

  • Present Continuous Tense (Verbs) - 3 Worksheets

  • Simple Past Tense (Verbs) - 3 Worksheets

You can also download high quality printable English grammar worksheets for further practice.


EVS (Environmental Science)Upcoming


Your child has the flexibility to go through the worksheets in a linear or a non-linear way.

As your child progresses, worksheet completion makes them earn Buddy coins. It's, of course, their hard-earned collection that they will take pride in!

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Subject wise online Worksheets in the Package

English Grammar 2 - Set 1

(Age: 7-9 years, typically Class 2 students) Help your child practice English grammar with highly interactive online practice worksheets.